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Technical translations Russian, Kazakh, Lithuanian

Technical translation agency Rustechdoc has been providing professional technical translations and translation of industrial software - software localisation of machinery and equipment since 1999. From the very beginning, the agency has specialized in translations into the languages of the CIS countries and it remains so today. Founded in 1999 in Moscow, Russia, it has been managed from Germany since 2018 after being acquired by a German translation agency.

Russian translations for CIS countries

In the first years of our work we did most of the translations into Russian for the Russian market, now we deliver technical translations in Russian to other states where Russian is spoken and liked: Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Armenia.

Technical translations Kazakh, Uzbek, Turkmen 

In some CIS countries Russian has lost its importance, including in technical documentation. In such cases we perform translations in the official languages of these countries: Kazakh, Uzbek, Turkmen, Kyrgyz, Azerbaijani, Tajik, Armenian, Lithuanian, Latvian, Estonian, Moldavian. 

When to translate into which language is decided by the end customers in each specific case. We ask our European clients to find out in advance which language their end customers prefer.

We translate from German and English into these languages

Armenian from 0.15 € / word
Azerbaijani from 0.15 € / word
Estonian from 0.13 € / word
Georgian from 0.14 € / word
Kasakh from 0.14 € / word
Kirgys from 0.15 € / word
Latvian from 0.12 € / word
Lithuanian from 0.12 € / word
Moldavian from 0.11 € / word
Russian from 0.09 € / word
Turkmen from 0.16 € / word
Ukrainian from 0.11 € / word
Uzbek from 0.14 € / word

Start with Russian translations 

It all started with Russian in 1999. The specialization in Russian technical translations was born when the deliveries of machinery from Germany and other German-speaking countries of Europe to Russia had not yet reached their peak. However, we, the founders of the translation agency, could foresee these times.

From 2002 we started delivering translations into other languages: Kazakh, Ukrainian, Lithuanian, Uzbek, Azerbaijani. Other language combinations were also used later.

Translations according to DIN EN ISO standard 

All technical translations in our translation agency are performed according to DIN EN ISO standard 17100:2016-05 (registration number 7U433). Our translations, which are read two or sometimes three times by our proofreaders, have the quality that our end customers need and appreciate. These ready-to-print texts can be easily put online or printed, we guarantee the quality.

Customers in Russia, Europe and Asia

Our end clients are well-known companies from Russia, Kazakhstan, Lithuania, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Ukraine, as well as lesser-known zahlrecihe medium-sized companies that work successfully in these countries. The list of our clients shows you pretty much where our strengths lie.

Major projects and our capacities

Translators of all language combinations we offer are able to handle large projects and at the same time complete many urgent translations in the usual perfect quality on the same day. For large and urgent projects, if necessary, several translators and proofreaders work together on a common project at the same time. 

Of course, we translate not only technical documentation, but also all related legal documents such as sales contracts and supply agreements, as well as business correspondence, company presentations, advertising brochures, websites, etc.

Software localisation

We translate or localise for our clients

- Industrial software, i.e. programs for controlling machines and equipment
- PC software, e.g. games or other applications
- iOS apps for Apple users
- Android apps for Android users
- Websites
- Online stores

By placing an order for translations mechanical engineering you accept our terms and conditions.

Your quick contact: info@rustechdoc.com